Aided in improving management accounts and business performance reports

HPC wanted to improve management accounts and gain a specific insight into project profitability. We re-implemented HPC’s Sage 50 accounting system, enhancing its functionality and efficiency. This included a complete redesign of the data structure to better accommodate the necessary reporting metrics. Additionally, we conducted extensive user training sessions to ensure all staff were proficient […]

Assisted over 300 Northern Ireland companies on development and delivery of international sales

We were contracted by Invest Northern Ireland to support local companies to enter the export market. Our marketing teams in Belfast, London and Shanghai provide market intelligence, competitor and buyer insights, along with in-market assistance to ensure successfully implementation. Over a 20-year period, we assisted over 300 companies across the range of sectors, including aerospace, […]

Advised Reapit on the process of preparing consolidate management accounts

Reapit wanted to improved the process of preparing consolidated management accounts, to make it more efficient and less labour-intensive. We reviewed the current processes and software solutions available. Established new processes to transfer monthly financial data from subsidiary systems into the business’s primary accounting system. We then developed an automated reporting solution which enables Reapit […]

Identifying and implementing a new accounting system

Chartered Accountants Ireland Ulster Society wanted to identify and implement a new accounting system. We discussed the functionality and reporting needs with management, recommended a combined solution covering both accounting and event booking/management, which would deliver significantly more benefit than just accounting. We identified several software solutions and demonstrated the product options that we believed […]

Advised Kainos on the replacement of their timesheet and employee expenses system

Kainos sought to modernise their timesheet and employee expenses system, aiming for remote accessibility across their workforce. Through collaborative workshops with key users, we discerned their functional and reporting needs. Crafting a comprehensive Request for Proposal, we meticulously identified suitable software solutions and refined the RFP document. Subsequently, we meticulously evaluated supplier proposals and product […]

Integrated a new CRM that became a ‘key member of the team’

Ammeon wanted to find an alternative solution to using multiple spreadsheets for recording sales opportunities and HR information. Our process began with thorough interviews with Ammeon staff to understand their information needs, leading to the development of a comprehensive requirements document. Subsequently, we meticulously evaluated various software solutions that aligned with Ammeon’s needs and facilitated […]

Assisted Labquip with the implementation and go-live of their NetSuite System

Lapquip wanted assistance with the implementation and go-live of their purchased NetSuite system. We designed data structures and assisting in the data migration from their old systems into NetSuite. We developed personalised reporting within the system. Provided linkages to external reporting applications which we had tailored to match Labquips needs. The result, Labquip now have […]

Assisted with NetSuite roll out to newly acquired subsidiaries

Kana needed assistance with rolling out NetSuite to their newly acquired subsidiaries across the world and to improve the organisation wide use of NetSuite. Collaborating closely with the Kana team, we meticulously document the utilisation of NetSuite across the business, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of it implementation. We configured NetSuite to accommodate the requirements of […]

Assisted with the modernisation and improvements of current systems

Creagh Concrete wanted a review of their existing systems landscape and suggestions on how to modernise and improve it. We carried out a detailed review of all the systems in use, discussed user experience and suggestions for improvement with all staff. Then prepared and presented a report on findings and recommendations to the company’s board. […]